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Cheating means dishonest behaviour to get what you want. In the early days of gambling, cheating was just as frequent as winning. Now, in 2020, when online gambling is booming and new casinos and new slot games appear almost weekly, what do you think are the chances of finding a working cheat; for any slot game? – The answer is zero.

To find a cheat for Rainbow Riches that works seems impossible, I will also tell you why. Online casinos are more successful than land-based ones, they offer flawless services at much lower upkeep and costs. For this reason, online casino return rates are much higher than brick and mortar casinos. The success of online casinos is due to trust and reputation. Imagine a new cheat that allows the player to win the biggest prize in a slot game like Rainbow Riches, how long do you think it would last? These games get the best maintenance, perhaps daily.

Instead of cheating, like in the good old days, with magnets, yo-yo coins and fake coins, none of which apply to online slots anyway, let’s take a more realistic approach.

While there are no cheats per se, there are ways to improve your win rate at the Rainbow Riches slot game, which is your goal anyway, presumably. Call them tips or tricks, guide or whatever you wish – these are actual tips you can use today to improve your win rate. Certainly a better use of your time.

Tip 1: Where you play matters

poor casino rating (Geant)Where you play matters, and it’s one of the few things you have control over, as a slot player. If your goal is to have some fun; win or lose, then sure, you can try any online casino or site. If you plan to win money, to the extent that you are searching for cheats online, then where you play matters the most.
I will share with you my rules, or tips on how to choose the right place. Never go for big flashy four-digit bonuses. Never go for sites less than one-year-old. Never go for sites with poor reviews or poor user experience.
But why, you ask? The reason is simple. Casinos have a process of natural selection if you like; if they provide legit gambling the players will return. If they are just out to grab your money and trick you, then players will leave. This usually takes some time, but in a year or two results will show.

Fake RTP, fake games with low return, bonuses with impossible requirements and lots of withdrawal problems are what you can expect from sites with poor reviews.

Tip 2: Know your game

Know you game

Experience does matter even at slot games. Underrated by most players since “all slot games are the same“, can cause lots of short term problems. Knowing how much each feature rewards, how much symbols pay, how the features are played, and how often they approximately occur, can be an edge; – no cheat beats that.

In the case of Rainbow Riches, every one of the 11 games is different. Yes, the differences are small, but they add up. For example, in Rainbow Riches Megaways the RTP is 95.90%, in Slingo, it’s 95.60% but in Drops of Gold, the RTP varies based on the bet and game mode, from 94% to 97.75%.

Therefore practicing before playing for real money can come in handy. There are plenty of Rainbow Riches slots available for free as a demo version, some here on but it’s also possible to play directly at online casinos.

Tip 3: Have a plan and bet strategy

Having a plan, a goal which when reached makes you stop playing. If you plan to win £1000 by depositing £250, then you should stick to it, and when reaching it withdraw your winnings. Multiple deposits or panic deposits is not the best approach.

Think of the money you intend to gamble with as lost money or money you can afford to lose. This will be a great indicator of how much you should deposit, and what the bets should be. If you think this way, it will help you play more responsibly too.

Some slot games are rich in features that pay well. There are working strategies by experts that fully capitalize on this by running low bets for an extended period – to get the features as many times as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences of cheating?

Cheating at Rainbow Riches or any slot game, in general, will result in a permanent ban. Being banned from a casino in the UK will get your name picture and details of what you did and who you are entered into a database shared by all casinos in the UK and even overseas, due to casino surveillance officers and security staff generally having such contacts.

How casinos used to deal with cheating in the past?

Since the appearance, and the general projected image and reputation of local casinos was so important the rumour of cheating often caused negative publicity which was very damaging. To deal with this more discretely, casinos started adopting a new strategy in which they accounted for cheating in advance.

Can I cheat at online casinos?

The short answer is no, probably not. If you can, it will certainly be a short-lived cheat, and an unfruitful one too. All online casino withdrawals are manually approved before being processed. Anyone telling you different is simply not being honest.


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⭐Clover Casino Up to £400 + 20 Free Spins 18+ TC’s apply! Play
⭐Two Fat Ladies 200% up to £88 + 20 Spins 18+ TC’s apply! Play
⭐Super Fluffy Casino Win up to 500 Free Spins 18+ TC’s apply! Play
⭐PlayOJO 50 Free Spins / No Wagering 18+ TC’s apply! Play
⭐Ahti Games 100% up to 50 Super Spins 18+ TC’s apply! Play
⭐Giant Wins Casino 500 Starburst Spins 18+ TC’s apply! Play

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